General Case Management:
  • Immigrant Social Services, providing information, case management and referrals in a variety of areas to limited, non-English speakers (Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole and Spanish).
  • Intensive case management to immigrant youth at risk and their families/guardians.

  • Citizenship Education:
  • Educational Programs including ESOL, Citizenship and Native Language Citizenship classes as well as Citizenship Preparation Assistance.

  • Elderly Services:
  • The Senior Coordinator provides escort and advocacy, on-going interpretation, access and supportive services to the limited to non-English speaking elders and Caregivers. Services include assistance in navigating through all of the changes in the health care system, connecting elders to existing benefits and programs that meets their economic and social needs.

    Deportation Support Services:
  • The Case Manager provides daily outreach at the Bristol County House of Correction to inmates who are legal permanent residents and are facing deportation due to the severely restricted laws under Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) that was passed in 1996. The IAC collaborates with the Azores and Cape Verde to transmit information regarding deportees and exchange information regarding health and social issues. The IAC also provides support and social services to their families.

    Food and Clothing:
  • The IAC is also a member of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program through United Way and the National Board.
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